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Closing of the route

When will the route be closed?

The route will be closed at the following times:

Will my street be closed?

Some of the roads located close to the race route will be closed to traffic and parking will be prohibited.
Here you can find further information on road closures per day of the Tour:

Access to the race

Where can I find more info about the event?

All information about the event itself can be found on the dedicated website for the Grand Départ: www.brusselsgranddepart.com.

Is the start/finish line of the stage near a SNCB station?

The start on Saturday is near the Central Station;
The finish on Saturday: North station + shuttle to Bockstael;
The start on Sunday is near the Central Station;
The finish on Sunday: South station + metro to Roi Baudouin.

Move by car

How can I get from point A to point B in Brussels?

For public transport, check the website or use the STIB/MIVB app. These take suspended and diverted routes into account when planning journeys.
For car travel, use Waze or Google Maps. They take into consideration the closed routes and infrastructure.
If you can’t find a solution, call the Brussels Mobility call centre on 0800 94 001.

How to get to Brussels on the Grand Départ weekend?

We recommend that you use the train and metro.
Prepare your trip by consulting the pages of the day in question on this site.

How can I leave Brussels?

Leaving Brussels will be easier than entering the city. In order to avoid traffic hold-ups, drive to the closest slipway onto the Ring Road.

Move by taxis and Uber

Will taxis / Ubers be in service?

Taxis and Ubers are in service, but they are not allowed to drive along the route nor cross it.
Due to potentially difficult traffic conditions, the journey time is likely to be longer than usual.

Move by public transport

Will I be able to get to the city centre easily by public transport?

The metro is the recommended mode of transport. Please make your way to the nearest metro station to get to the city centre.
There will be significant disruption to public transport in the Pentagon, with diversions on many of the bus routes. It is thus recommended that you take the metro, which will be running more frequently, or the train, which will also have increased services.
See the STIB/MIVB network map for Saturday morning
See the STIB/MIVB network map for Saturday aafternoon
See the STIB/MIVB network map for Sunday
STIB has also set up a specific call centre accessible at the following number: +32 2 515 3000.
SNCB customer service can be reached on 02 528 28 28 and De Lijn on 070 220 200 (only Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm).

Move by bicycle

Will it be possible to ride a bicycle as per usual in Brussels?

The race route will be crowded. Hence the interest of cycling.
Crossing points are provided every 500 metres or so, but it is only possible to cross when the signallers allow you to do so.

Get to the airport

How do I get to the airport?

It is strongly recommended to take the train (or possibly the bus) to reach the airport.
The airport will be accessible by car from the nearest motorway entrances and the Ring Road.

Get to Gare du Midi (Thalys, Eurostar)

I have to take an international train (TGV, Eurostar, etc.) at the South Station on July 5th, 6th or 7th. What would you recommend as a means of transport?

International train traffic is not disrupted by the Tour's passage.
To get to the Gare du Midi, it is strongly recommended to use the metro, which will be free of charge for the occasion and whose frequencies are increased.
A taxi/Uber trip is still possible but significant deterioration in traffic conditions is to be expected.


Is my street closed? Can I park in my street? Where can I park?

Parking is prohibited along the race route. If your street is closed due to its immediate proximity to the route, you will not be able to park or access it. Here are the details of the road closures:

The streets will be accessible again when the routes are reopened:

Are the car parks in the Pentagon accessible?

Car parks in the city centre will not be accessible. We recommend that you park at a Park and Ride and continue your journey by metro.

Where are the P+R car parks? Will there be an adequate number of spaces for everyone? Are there enough P+R car parks on the outskirts of Brussels?

There are seven P+R car parks in the Brussels Region. We highly recommend the Ceria Coovi and and Crainhem/Kraainem car parks which will be free for the occasion, or parking C (10€ for the day).
However, it is highly likely that demand will outweigh the supply of available spaces. To cover your bases, try to arrive early or opt instead for the train station car park closest to your departure point and continue your journey by train.

Are there bike parks?

Extra bike parks have been set up at the start (place du Trône) and finish lines (Parc de Laeken). There are also two large bike parks at theBourse and de Brouckère metro stations. Access to these bike parks is free of charge, except for access to the secured spaces, which require prior registrationUsers must hold a Mobib card. Parking here is free of charge with the code tourensemble.

Where can I park my tourist bus? Where can I let my passengers get on and off?

Flixbus: Bruxellles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid
Ouibus: Avenue du Port/Havenlaan
Tourist buses: Avenue du Port/Havenlaan
Fan buses: Car Park C
Scheduled international buses (Flixbus, Ouibus) will stop at Avenue du Port on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July instead of at the North Station.
Tourist buses can let their passengers get on and off at Avenue du Port.
For buses carrying fans of the Tour de France, there are parking spaces in Car Park C at the Heysel.

I am following the Tour with my camper van/caravan. Where can I park it?

The Brussels Kart car park at Alfons Gossetlaan Alfons Gossetlaan nr 9, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden provides spaces for camper vans and caravans. Parking is possible from Friday evening until Sunday evening for 25 euros. There are no camping facilities. You can travel into the city centre by train from Groot-Bijgaarden station, by tram using routes 19 and 82 or by De Lijn bus.
Car Park: Brussels Kart Expo, open from 6am until 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. No camping facilities.
Campsites: visit.brussels

Events (childbirth, hospital)

Childbirth on July 6th or 7th?

The emergency services will be in operation and have specific routes.

I have had an operation and can leave the hospital on Saturday/Sunday? How do I do this?

If your condition allows it, we advise you to use public transport.
For car travel, consult Waze or Google Maps that integrate routes and infrastructure closures.
Can't find solutions? Call the Brussels Mobility call centre on 0800 94 001.


For emergencies